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Our home inspections are performed with great care and attention to detail.

Buying a home is made less stressful when you have a full understanding of the property’s operation, deficiencies, and repair and maintenance requirements. During a Buyer’s Inspection, we uncover the things that you need to know about the home before moving forward with your purchase.


Buyer's Inspections

A buyer’s inspection will help you decide if a home is right for you, and avoid homes that have substantial and costly defects.

Starting at $350

sellers/Pre-listing Inspections

Many homeowners choose to get a pre-listing inspection because it will give them insight into their home so that they know what to expect and can make repairs before listing their home.

Starting at $350

commercial Inspections

Commercial buildings need inspections just like any other type of property, so call us for a quote or schedule an inspection today to set up yours.

sewer scope

Are your sinks and tubs emptying too slowly? We use a special camera to scope the sewer line to visualize any blockages that are interfering with the plumbing system’s proper drainage. Finding and addressing such problems now can head off catastrophic and expensive repairs later.

$100 when added to a standard home inspection

Client Testimonials

Manuel Lopez Avatar
Manuel Lopez
Jordan is easily the most thorough home inspector around. He holds his company to a higher standard. The value you get from Next Generation is way beyond the minimum requirements of a home inspection. His detailed report will certainly alert you to any deficiencies of the home and will serve as an excellent to do list of repairs and improvements to be made to your home. And as an added bonus you will receive a free home warranty and pest treatment!
cody snidow Avatar
cody snidow
Very thorough, very detailed. He made sure we understood everything about our home inspection. I feel he truly cares about his work and wants to make sure people have the best possible inspection to set them up for having the best home possible. He included not only things to repair, but tips on how to keep things in good working order over the long term. He was very easy to talk to and did an incredible job from top to bottom. Would definitely recommend Next Generation Home Inspections to anyone!
Dave Goss Avatar
Dave Goss
Jordan was thorough and professional. He made sure we knew everything that was going on with a potential property. He found things that the buyers didn’t disclose and made sure we weren’t going to buy a money pit. I recommend the company to make sure you are protected when purchasing your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience, but we’re here to ensure you know what to expect during your home inspection.

A home inspection includes checking for any structural issues such as foundation cracks, roof leaks, plumbing issues, electrical wiring, heating/cooling systems, insulation, windows, doors, chimneys, etc. Depending on how big the property is, a home inspection typically takes 2-3 hours.

Ensure all inspection points are free from clutter, including any closets that might lead to a crawlspace or attic, and clearing some space around your home’s perimeter. It’s also important to check the functionality of all built-in appliances, electric, and gas. If you don’t plan to attend the inspection, make sure your inspector has access to the home, and all pets are properly contained or moved.

A home doesn’t pass or fail an inspection. Instead, it is a thorough audit of a home’s components. In most cases, there will be concerns marked on the inspection report, but these are strictly informative.

While you can legally skip a home inspection in many cases, doing so could mean  you may end up buying a home that has major issues that need to be fixed.


While a home inspector may recommend some minor repairs, they are not qualified to make major repairs. He or she can provide information about what needs to be repaired — and it might be helpful to know that information — but the decision to actually do the work lies solely with the homeowner. Not only does this give you the freedom to choose your contractors, but it also helps prevent a conflict of interest.

For sellers, it allows you to get out in front of any potential issues, which can help prevent contracts getting canceled at the last minute. For buyers, a home inspection will identify concerns and red flags and can give you peace of mind before purchasing a home.

Peace of mind is just a click away.

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